The Smurfs came back for a second movie and they made so many new fans and friends.   And why not – who couldn’t love the little blue characters that live in mushrooms and have been winning the hearts of the world since 1958.

The Smurfs got their start like many of our favorite super heroes, in the comics.  From Belgium where their creator started out, Smurf love spread all over the world.  In the 1980’s, their animated series brought them star status and a place in the childhoods of millions of new little fans.  The Smurf movies have no doubt done a great deal to bring back memories to multiple generations of fans and earned even more.   It’s so much fun to see our favorite characters, like The Smurfs, recreated with today’s technology.  That’s great stuff for us grandparents too!

If you have some young Smurf fans in the family, I’ll bet they’d love to enjoy their favorite blue friends decorating their bedrooms.  Please enjoy the selection of Smurf bedroom decorating ideas I’ve rounded up for your consideration.  They’ll be so much fun in your kids room!

Featured Image: The Smurfs (2011)

Smurf Bedding For Kids

Aren’t these the most darling Smurf bedding sets you’ve ever seen?  These were the cutest ones I could find, but if you click through…who knows, there may be more Smurf bedding sets available by now!

 The smurfs Kids Bed The Smurfs Movie Single The Smurfs ‘Movie 3D’ The Smurfs Single Duvet

Smurfs Wall Decals And Smurf Movie Posters

Some of the fun in decorating kids’ rooms is in choosing the wall decor. Smurf wall decals will have the kids squealing with delight at having their favorite blue buddies decorating the walls of their rooms. Smurf movie posters add wonderful bright color to a child’s bedroom too. With Smurfs wall decor as cute as these, why not let your child choose one or more for their rooms? It’s hard to go wrong with this much cute!

 RoomMates RMK2247SCS Smurfs RoomMates RMK2248SCS Smurfs Classic Trends International Unframed Poster Trends International Unframed Poster Smurfs – Group Wall Smurfs – Smurfalicious Wall Giant Size Smurfs Cartoon

Smurfs Furniture And Accessories

Any youngster would get a big kick out of having Smurf furniture for their room.    Favorite Smurf characters are brightly illustrated on these adorable pieces and they’re ready for fun with your child.

 Sony Smurfs Deluxe Toy Sony Smurfs Kids Flip Sony Smurfs Kids Small Sony Smurfs Kids Bean Sony Smurfs Storage Ottoman, The Smurfs pillow Dreamy THE SMURFS and GARGAMEL

Smurf Fleece Blankets

 The Smurfs Colorful Cartoon Character Classic Warm Fleece Throw Blanket Sony, Smurfs, I’m a Hero 40-Inch-by-50-Inch Fleece Blanket with Character Pillow by The Smurfs Micro Raschel Throw Fleece Throw Blanket 46

Don’t Miss Smurf Bedding For Kids On eBay

You just never know what you’ll find on eBay.  That’s one of the reasons I love to shop there.  I go for the vintage items that remind me of special times in my life, don’t you?  Would you believe there are ‘vintage’ Smurf items too?

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