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Your bathroom decor helps you set the tone for your day and helps you unwind for the night.  From your bathroom accessories to your shower curtains, each piece contributes some of its color and texture to the ambiance of the bathroom.

What sort of bathroom are you decorating? A children’s bath? A guest bathroom? The master bath? Or maybe a dorm room bath? I hope you enjoy the selections of bathroom decor themes, colors and styles we bring you along with some fun decorating ideas.

Delightfully Daisy Bathroom Decor

Daisy Bathroom Decor

Lovely, delicate daisy bathroom decor is a pretty choice for bathroom decorating!  Daisy bathroom accessories are fresh and cheerful, and will liven up your bathroom giving it a sunny, happy feeling.  Imagine walking into a bathroom filled with daisies to start your day. If you’re like me, you like to change up your bathroom decorating …

Brighten Your Day With Wonderful Orange Bathroom Decor

Orange Bathroom Decor

Pretty, bright orange bathroom decor.  That’s a color you don’t see very often, right?  Especially not in a bathroom.   So you might not think of when planning on redecorating your bathroom, but it really is a cute color! Like a glass of orange juice, orange bathroom decor is a super waker upper!  And don’t worry, …

Halloween Bathroom Decor

Halloween bathroom decor is the crowning touch for Halloween decorations, especially if you’re planning a Halloween party. Decorating with the Halloween theme is truly one of the most fun themes to work with. Do you have some fun Halloween party ideas in store for friends and family and you want to extend the party fun …

Unique Kids Shower Curtains

Kids Bathroom Shower Curtains

Having the most unique kids shower curtains will make bath time more enjoyable for your children.  Unique kids shower curtains not only spark your child’s imagination, but these bathroom accessories are sensational bathroom decor.  Bathroom accessories for kids bathrooms are lots of fun to shop for, but finding those unique shower curtains that transform the …