Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

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Hidden Cat Litter BoxesIf you have a cat, you know that their cat litter boxes are not only unattractive, but can often be more than a little ‘fragrant.’ And that cat litter dust just gets everywhere! If you’re looking for a way to fix these problems and even to conceal your cat’s litter box, but don’t know how, you might want to consider a unique hidden litter box!

Featured Image:  Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Black

Hidden cat litter boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some look like regular furniture like cabinets or benches. Others are simply utilitarian, but not unattractive. For the more discerning kitties, there are also nice selections of fancy hidden cat litter boxes. Who knew a cat’s toiletry needs could be so much fun to pick out?

Advantages Of A Hidden Cat Litter Box

  • A hidden cat litter box is usually disguised as a piece of furniture. Not only does this vastly improve the aesthetics, but it gives kitty a private place he can go ‘do his business.’ We all know how much cats relish their privacy too. Depending on the design of the hidden cat litter box, it will help keep other pets and children from getting into it.
  • Most hidden cat litter boxes come with systems to control both cat litter dust and odor. That’s certainly a feature you want to look for, right?
  • In most cases, no one will know that cabinet or potted plant is actually a hidden cat litter box. In fact, if you set it so that the entrance is to the back of the box, it will be completely hidden.

You’ll find a great variety of hidden litter boxes showcased here, to go with any decor in your home. If you have more than one cat, be sure to get one that can accommodate large or multiple cats.

Furniture Style Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

See what I mean about cat litter boxes that are disguised as furniture? These are unique and can fit in to your home decor without giving away their true purpose. Kitty will appreciate his privacy too. For real convenience, there are also styles that are large enough to hold supplies inside.

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Hidden Cat Litter Box Deals On eBay

Check out these bargains on hidden cat litter boxes over on eBay. I love the variety of items available over there and if you set up a saved search, you can find some wonderful deals!

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