Back To School Desks For Kids

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Going back to school is always an exciting, but nerve-wracking time of year. Kids are excited & nervous about going back to school. Parents are excited about school too, but worried about their kids’ success in a new & more difficult curriculum year.

A great idea for getting kids off to a good start when they go back to school this year is a study area with the perfect desk. Back to school is the perfect time to set up your child’s study area with them. Kids desks are very nice these days; a great complement to your kids bedroom furniture.

Featured Image:  Kids Desks by Corina on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Organize a Study Area For Your Child

Setting up a study area will get your student off to a great start this year.

  • Create a homework space away from distractions like TV, telephone and video or computer games. Look in on the kids periodically to make sure they are on track.
  • Stock your child’s desk with all the school supplies they need. Pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, notebooks, etc. Include a good desk lamp if the lighting is poor. Make sure there is a trash can nearby.
  • Set a designated place for their backpack, lunch, etc. Help your child make a habit of keeping their backpack in it’s designated place. Always place their lunch in the same place for them to pick up on their way out. This can be a huge help in the mornings when everyone is rushing to leave the house.
  • Have your children unpack their school bags and lunch box or bag every day when they get home. Look over homework assignments with them & ask if they have any questions.
  • Help your child get organized and into the habit of using, planners or agendas to write down homework, all assignments, practices and special events, like the science fair for example. Write their exam dates on the family calendar, to help you and them remember to study.

Take a look at the super cool selection of back to school desks for kids on this page ~ you and your child will love them!


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