Will Your Emergency Kits And Supplies Be Ready When You Need Them?

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Emergency Kits SuppliesIt’s time to make sure your emergency kits and supplies are ready any time you need them.  Are You Ready For A Natural Disaster?

Planning ahead for natural disasters is easier than you think. Use the emergency preparedness information presented here to assemble your emergency kits and supplies.

The American Red Cross recommends that everyone prepare emergency kits and supplies in case of severe weather.  Tornados, tropical storms, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes or other natural disasters are the ones we’re most familiar with.

While some emergency supplies may seem obvious, there are other things you may want to include too.

Emergency kits and supplies are an important part of an organized home.  So if you don’t have these ready, let’s get that going for you now.

Here are my basic recommendations for emergency kits and supplies to include in your family’s emergency preparation plans, along with some more items I recommend for safety or comfort.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Severe weather is of course the most common, but you can prepare emergency kits and supplies for fires and earthquakes too.  Most of the basic ‘ingredients’ are the same for all.

An important component of emergency preparedness is that emergency disaster supply kit. These emergency supplies will be needed in the case of lost power, evacuation orders, etc. Luckily, emergency disaster supply kits are scalable and adaptable when you assemble the contents yourself.


Emergency Disaster Kits
Image: Example of An Emergency Kit, KOMU News on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Complete 72 Hour Survival Kit- Most Popular Bug Out Bag for 2 People (Emergency Food, Water, First-Aid, Shelter, Hand-Crank Phone Charger)Complete 72 Hour Survival Kit- Most Popular Bug Out Bag for 2 People (Emergency Food, Water, First-Aid, Shelter, Hand-Crank Phone Charger)

Backpacks are a handy way to start an emergency disaster preparation program for your home and family.

If you don’t have anything at all, backpack or waterproof bucket kits will get you started. Emergency staff and first responders always say we should keep an emergency supply kit with supplies for at least 3 days (72 hours).

This 2 person emergency supply kit is US Coast Guard approved and contains enough supplies for 2 people for 3 days. The kit has food, water, a first aid kit, and a Hand Crank Flashlight / Radio / Phone Charger.

Here are more examples of emergency disaster supply kits that are available. They can be found in waterproof buckets and backpacks.

Click through and see what items are available in each of them because they can be very different.

Emergency supplies kits like these are huge time savers if you don’t want to hunt for all the items you want to include in your own emergency supply kit.

4 Person 3 Day Deluxe Emergency Kit in a Bucket4 Person 3 Day Deluxe Emergency Kit in a BucketEmergency Grab 'n Go 2 Person Fire/Blackout KitEmergency Grab ‘n Go 2 Person Fire/Blackout Kit

Basic Emergency Disaster Supplies To Include In A Supply Kit

These basic emergency supplies will be helpful during or after a natural disaster.

Emergency Disaster KitsI use two liter soda or gallon milk bottles, thoroughly washed, for extra water. (Mind you, we keep 4 cases of bottled water for drinking from Walgreens stored on top of the fridge.)

At the beginning of hurricane season, I freeze as many as I can & leave them in the freezer. If the power goes out, my freezer will stay cooler longer. The extra water is also our backup – we drink a lot of coffee and Gatorade powdered mix! LOL

At the end of hurricane season, I use the water in my garden and recycle the bottles. I start the process again the following year.

Let’s Make a Survival Kit

I love how this Red Cross video shows how easy it is to get started with an emergency kit. You may already have some of the items around the house, too. Or you can pick them up on your next errand day. The point is to start organizing emergency kits and supplies for your family. Your particular circumstances and locations can spur more ideas for your kits.

Wait, so where are you going to put all this stuff? I prefer to keep as much together as possible, so I resort to my favorite handy dandy plastic storage containers. These are my favorites because they’re waterproof. I keep our flashlights, lighters, radio, batteries, hand wipes.  Essentially, I put everything I can fit in it.

Hefty PROTECT Heavy Duty Storage, 70 Qt. Lid with Protective Seal / ClearHefty PROTECT Heavy Duty Storage, 70 Qt. Lid with Protective Seal / ClearZiploc 60 Qt./15 Gal. WeatherShield Storage Box, ClearZiploc 60 Qt./15 Gal. WeatherShield Storage Box, Clear

Don’t Forget Special Needs Disaster Supplies

Depending on your family’s special needs, you may wish to include some or all of the following emergency supplies in your emergency disaster supply kit. Many of these items can be packed in one common duffel bag. Keep all medications away from children. Toys and game for children, with a couple of snacks can be packed in a child’s backpack for them to have handy.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More (Black)Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More (Black)

If you have smartphones and tablets, power outages are a problem. We were without power for four days after Hurricane Harvey.

We were lucky in that our neighbor had a generator and invited us to charge our phone and Kindle.  I’d always been afraid of generators, LOL.  But hers was so easy that I added a generator to our wish list.

As soon as I could, I ordered a power bank for our emergency kit. These are so handy!  It’s a good idea to have one or more power banks in your emergency kits.

You can keep up with weather alerts on your cellphone like I did.  Hubby has two Kindles and is an avid reader.  Now we don’t have to worry about how to recharge our devices.

I bought this one from Amazon and I love it. Later I saw some over at Walmart at some great prices. At those prices, I may add extra power banks to our kit!

Emergency Preparedness Documents For Your Disaster Supplies Kit

The American Red Cross and other emergency management staff may need to see documents in order to provide assistance depending on where you go and what you need.

Shelters might ask to see identification and maybe proof of residence. If you need medical assistance and you’re outside your area, you may need to provide copies of your health insurance policy information.

  • Copies of important documents and credit cards, drivers licenses, immunization records
  • A list of your family physicians, a list of your prescription medications, copies of health insurance documents, model and serial numbers of medical devices like pacemakers.
  • Copies of the deed to your home or the lease, home/fire/flood/wind insurance documents, household inventory and a recent utility bill
  • List of family phone numbers and addresses outside the disaster area

Smead All-in-One Emergency Planning OrganizerSmead All-in-One Emergency Planning OrganizerGrab N Go Essential Organizer: Gather Vital Info For EmergenciesGrab N Go Essential Organizer: Gather Vital Info For EmergenciesEmergency Preparedness Binder Kit (Sunburst)Emergency Preparedness Binder Kit (Sunburst)

How to Make an Emergency Kit

More tips for creating your own emergency kit and supplies.  Great ideas!

For More About Disaster Emergency Kits

For more information about how to prepare an emergency survival kit, check these links:

American Red Cross | Disaster Relief, CPR Certification, Donate Blood

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit | Ready.gov

A Natural Disaster Doesn’t Have To Be A Disaster For You & Your Family

Before a natural disaster strikes, start working on your emergency disaster supplies kit. Emergency preparedness protects your family and provides comfort in severe weather, a tornado warning or approaching hurricane.

The American Red Cross responds to natural disasters quickly and efficiently. If you have prepared for your own family’s needs, then the resources from the American Red Cross can help more people in need.

Emergency management officials in your area will keep you informed, especially of evacuation orders. Know who your local emergency management officials are and how to communicate with them. You, however, are the front line of emergency management for your family.

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